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Do Your Test with The Best...

Starting a lead-generation campaign? Rolling out a new product? Inventing a new service? Don't risk sizable investments on the web or in publication ads, lists, direct mail printing, and postage! Instead...

Invest just one day with Rene Gnam in your office or in Florida so you can button-up lead acquisition strategies, follow-up efforts, repeat business strategies, and cross-selling opportunities. Most of all, get savvy advice from the man whose counsel has helped hundreds of marketers to higher success. (Check it out in Bio Data.)

Get Continuing Consultation Assistance...

If you produce several marketing promotions over a period of time, make significant savings by using Gnam on a retainer covering consultation, creative work, reviews, and planning sessions.

Your consulting can be by telephone, fax, e-mail, personal meetings, or good, old-fashioned printed memos.

How can Rene Gnam help you? Call him or send an e-mail today. He'll fax or e-mail some additional backgrounding to you, and you can begin your journey to better results.

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