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Marketing Expertise by Phone, Fax & E-Mail

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If you'd like to see some examples of Rene Gnam's work, just say so in a brief note as you reply via our e-mail link!


Consulting at a Distance is Easy for You...

     Air couriers, fax, and the internet let you get your backgrounding materials to Rene Gnam in a jiffy. He'll respond with a quotation for the creative work or consulting outlined in your covering memo or described by phone, fax or e-mail.

     Here's how a few recent clients worked with Rene on "long distance" consulting:

  1. Dave Belanger at Countryside Magazine in the Wisconsin woodlands started with an e-mail message and received his consultation recommendations as an attachment to an e-mail.

  2. Dick Baynham at Australian Partners Advertising in Perth used international air mail and telephone.

  3. Amy Ross at International Correspondence Schools in Scranton requested a written memo of recommendations.

  4. Erik Lawaetz at No Sweat Exercises in the Virgin Islands preferred faxes back and forth.

  5. Sharon Evankovich at Computerm in Pittsburgh liked e-mail and telephone.

  6. Roger Maltby at McGloin Advertising in Teaneck used air couriers for all Minolta copiers and fax machine mail promotions 

  7. Giovanna Rigoli at Arianna in Italy used all services: mail, couriers, fax, telephone, disks, and e-mail. 

     And all those routes are open to you.

Consultation Assistance is Yours in Several Forms...

     You may want Gnam's responses on audio cassettes, by voice over the telephone, or in written form. No problem. And when you retain him to do creative work, you can view it on your computer the same day that he completes it!

     Retain Rene Gnam to review concepts, copy, lists, pricing, strategies, databases, design, tests, and all your other important considerations by the hour, the day, or an ongoing retainer. Gnam responds by mail, fax, e-mail, phone, and courier, assisting you to higher response with your business-to-business or consumer marketing.


Try an E-Mail to Rene Gnam. He'll Respond Fast.