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Get Revitalization Recommendations...

     Ship your promotional materials to Rene Gnam. Web pages, catalogs, self-mailers, envelope mailings, publication ads...all are appropriate for Gnam's review.

     He'll give you a quotation on a custom critique that lets you explore a fresh, professional look at copy, design, and strategy improvements. Engage him and receive his comments and tips on techniques that work better than others, why, and who used them effectively. You'll immediately improve your mailings.

     You can have a written report detailing his specific comments for you, or Gnam will record his critique on a custom cassette that you can review in meetings with your entire creative crew.

Get Continuing Consultation Assistance...

     Retain Rene Gnam to review concepts, copy, lists, pricing, strategies, databases, design, tests, and all your other important considerations by the hour, the day, or an ongoing retainer.

     Gnam responds by mail, fax, e-mail, phone, and courier, assisting you to higher response with your business-to-business or consumer marketing.

     Get Rene Gnam on your side today.

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