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If you'd like to see some examples of Rene Gnam's work, just say so in a brief note as you reply via our e-mail link!

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Here's How to Try This Cost-Saving Excitement...

     Yes, you can hire Rene Gnam for just one rewrite, redesign, create something new, or otherwise devote himself to your marketing project...without interruptions from anyone. No phone calls. No visitors. It's your day!

     No big contracts. No obligation for a complete package or ongoing work. No monthly retainers. Just e-mail in advance for the current fee.

     Send your mailings, catalogs, ads, and/or web pages to Rene right now. Ask him to spend a Creative Day developing new copy and design. An overhaul. A new view. A different concept. An exciting new format. 

     You may know what you need Rene to concentrate on, and that's fine. Or, maybe you'll ask him to go through your materials and create a new promotion that's totally different from what you've been doing. That's why it's called a Creative Day.

Here's What Happens on Your Creative Day...

     Rene will do as much writing, designing, and creative thinking as possible in a single day, and he'll give you a memo on how to complete the project after that. Here are some of the ways you can use this helpful service... 

     1  Need a new approach to test? Ask Rene to create it for you!

     2  New publication ads? Ask Rene to write them for you!

     3  New web copy and design? Ask Rene to create it for you!

     4  New catalog product display? Ask Rene to design it for you!

     5  Revise a current mailing? Ask Rene to rewrite it for you!

     6  New concepts for a series? Ask Rene to invent them for you!

     7  Sales literature? Follow-ups? Ask Rene to write them for you!

     8  Renewal or repeat campaign? Ask Rene to design it for you!

     9  New idea but no time to execute it? Ask Rene to do it for you!

     In just one day, projects you've been itching to get going... actually do get underway! Without obligating yourself to an expensive investment, you harness the mind of the man who has brought higher results to hundreds of companies.

     You get back just what you ask for... copy on disk or via e-mail... recommendations by memo or cassette... designs, even typesetting, electronically or via disk. If you want, you can also have printed proofs of what Rene has done for you.

     Schedule your Creative Day in advance. Call or e-mail Rene today.

You're Going to Improve Your Results

by Giving Your Creative Work to Rene Gnam

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Rene Gnam is a Marketing Consultant and Advertising Copywriter

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