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Profit by an In-Depth Consultation MEETING...

     Assemble your key people in a conference room or at a hotel in your city. Let Rene Gnam brainstorm on new marketing techniques, methods of hiking response from your current promotions, tested concepts to explore for your new mailings, catalogs, ads, self-mailers and web promotions.

     The University of Pittsburgh held its consultation meeting in a private club. JIL Industries in a Boston factory. Novo Industrie Enzyme in Denmark chose a rural retreat. Gries Dynacast of Spartanburg went to a lakeside resort. Kawasaki of Mexico selected a hotel. Gorham Advanced Materials used its Portland conference room.

     Several companies prefer bringing business materials for a meeting in Florida, including Tax Form Library of Louisville, Dentist's Newsletter of Zurich, Supernatural Salon Success of Calgary, Applied Systems of Chicago, DMDM of Cologne, Contact Lens Mart of Rancho Cucamonga, and Hed Publications of Paris.

     A typical, flexible agenda for half-day, full-day, and two-day meetings is yours on request.

or Get a Personalized Consultation WORKSHOP...

     Hire Rene Gnam to present his highly-acclaimed interactive workshop (1 to 3 days) at your site or ours. Select the topics you'd like: strategies, testing, pricing, databases, lists, copy, design, formats...key queries...a review of your new promotions, even rough drafts.

     These exclusive workshops can focus on marketing to businesses, to professionals, or to consumers. More information is yours when you click on the Workshops link, where you'll also find a listing of organizations that have retained Rene Gnam to present interactive, educational training and update workshops.

     To investigate your workshop, request a typical topics listing.

Join clients like these who have profited with Rene Gnam consultation:

American Health Consultants, Atlanta, GA
Arianna, SRL, Milan, IT
Baldwin-United Corporation, Cincinnati, OH
Blue Cross/Blue Shield, New York, NY
Boersen Forum, Copenhagen, DK
Chiropractic Management Corp., Norcross, GA
Clairol Products, New York, NY
Dee Cee Laboratories, Nashville, TN
Dentist�s Newsletter, Zurich, CH
Dorn Communications, Minneapolis, MN
DuPont Chemicals, Wilmington, DE
Dynamic Graphics, Inc., Peoria, IL
Ebsco/Vulcan Industries, Birmingham, AL
Finanza e Futuro Assurance, Rome, IT
General Motors, Detroit, MI
Gorham Advanced Materials Institute, Gorham, ME
Gries/Dynacast Manufacturing, Spartanburg, NC


Hotline Marketing, Fort Dodge, IA
IBM Canada, Markham, ONT
International Computer Negotiations, Orlando, FL
Kundbiblioteket, A/B, Gothenburg, SE
The Library Corporation, Inwood, WV
Meredith Corporation, Des Moines, IA
Novo Industri A/S, Bagsvaerd, DK
Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone, Seattle, WA
Practice Management Society, Orlando, FL
Scholastic Magazines, New York, NY
Selwyn & Associates, Inc., West Hartford, CT
Semantodontics, Inc., Phoenix, AZ
Tillinghast, Nelson & Warren, Inc., Atlanta, GA
University Associates, San Diego, CA
Vocational Products, San Luis Obispo, CA
Wonder Steel Manufacturing, Mississauga, ONT
World Wide Forests, Ltd., Richmond, BC

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