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You Must Be THE PRODUCT in Direct Mail

Rene Gnam -- whose newest book on direct mail marketing has just been published by Prentice-Hall, and who created America's only TV series on direct mail for KET-PBS -- creates winning mailing strategies and campaigns from his Response Ranch in Florida. He can be reached by phone at 813-407-8400 or fax at 813-475-4354.

By Evangeline Ysmael, Editor

"The hardest concept every speaker faces when creating direct mail promotions is that he or she IS the product," direct marketing consultant Rene Gnam told SPEAKOUT in a recent interview. "Most speakers feel their seminar topics or keynote talks are the products," Gnam said, "but meeting planners look for individuals who will make a difference in their programs, not individual presentations."

Gnam, who recently conducted an NSA Master Class on direct mail for speakers and who has counseled business presenters and politicians in several countries, points out that direct mail is powerful as a lead generator for speaking engagements and for establishing an image of the speaker for possible future engagements.

"While direct mail promotions must be class, not crass," Gnam continued, "your self-mailers, letters, and brochures all must immediately communicate how you -- the individual -- can make a difference in the planner's program." Gnam said "you�re selling yourself, not a specific speech or workshop agenda, and the planner needs to be convinced you�ll make a strong presentation." While content is vital, Gnam stressed that the overall impression is paramount.

He illustrated this concept with a recent campaign for a new candidate for the Danish parliament. "All Danes are shy when it comes to self-promotion. My European partner, Leif Andersen-Farmer, persuaded candidate Thure Carnfeld to allow use of his photo in several dramatic presentations, along with hard-hitting copy on the benefits of electing him," Gnam said. "Even though Carnfeld was from a party not in favor at the time, and even though we had complaints that 'you're selling him like a piece of meat', he won in a landslide."

"Andersen created an image for Carnfeld that carried through on his speaking engagements," Gnam reported, "an image of a strong personality who spoke positively, not in a wishy-washy fashion, and that�s what you need to do."

Gnam, like postal consultant John Jay Daly of Washington, spoke of the importance of a continuing campaign rather than a hit-or-miss mailing. They agreed that "one-shots" usually are "a waste of money," according to Daly.

"Your problem," Gnam pointed out, "is that many meeting planners will want to review your ongoing promotions with an eye toward a current and a future program." He said that using only a single mailing "signals the planner that you're not a full-time player."

Several of Gnam's tested, proven concepts for speakers are highlighted for NSA members in a flyer Gnam will send to readers of this article. We suggest you review them along with the comments from our other experts in this issue.


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