Reprinted from Travel Profit Builder

How Graphics & Color Help Travel Agents Sell Travel

by Rene Gnam, Advertising Consultant/Copywriter

EDITOR'S NOTE: Rene Gnam, an expert in scientific measurement of advertising investments, is a seminar leader, author, and active consultant for many small and large companies. He recently videotaped America's first television series on Direct Mail for KET/PBS.


Nearly every direct mailing, except those promoting travel, relies mainly on the copy to sell. But with travel promotions, you are selling Excitement and Pleasure, Service, Knowledge, and Professionalism.

Yet, most travel agents are content to use the quick printer around the corner, the guy who uses black ink on white paper. Most travel promotions I receive from agencies, except for shells, location brochures, and airline folders, are dull, uninteresting and lifeless.

Put some life in your mailings. Put some color in every promotion piece you produce. Do NOT rely solely on the free rack brochures you receive from hotels, resorts, airlines and tourist boards.

Examine every letterhead...every form...every envelope.

And then...put some pizzazz in them.

Crimson Travel Service, in Cambridge, Mass, uses a #10 standard business envelope, just as you do. But it's printed in three different colors: purple, orange and gold. Color gives the recipient a feeling of action and excitement. It's hard to toss an envelope from Crimson Travel Service.

Remembering that you are selling only five items -- Excitement, Pleasure, Service, Knowledge and Professionalism -- please incorporate photos and illustrations in your mailings to sell me Excitement and Pleasure. Show me many of the places you'll send me to. Show me the enjoyment I'll have. Then, use photos of your staff people, with explanatory copy of what they do to make my travel easier, to tell me about your Service, Knowledge and Professionalism.

If you're primarily after business travelers, show me smiling executives being treated kindly by smiling hotel clerks. If you want vacation or resort travelers, show me a kaleidoscope of photos that depict what I'll get when I arrive.

Color and photographs used to cost more than plain, old black and white. Today they cost the same or less. But they intrigue. They excite. They make me long for the adventures and pleasures you're giving me. And if you can make me long for an adventure, you've started me thinking about using your services.

Your customers are fickle.

They love you today, but they'll book their trips elsewhere tomorrow. So you have to capture their attention with color and photos.

But, your copy absolutely must stress your Service, your Knowledge and your Professionalism as well as how you make it all so easy for the traveler.


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