Reprinted from The Catalog Marketer

How to Write Effective Call-Out Copy

To Increase Your Sales

by Rene Gnam

Call-outs are an artist's way of making a single photo or illustration larger than life by blowing up a small portion, using insets, or, more commonly, identifying products, benefits or copy with coded graphic references.

     Your problem as a copywriter is what to do with the limited space available.

     Here are some solutions:

  1. Ask for more space!

  2. Begin call-out copy with an action verb.

  3. State a unique benefit even if it's repeated in a headline or body copy.

  4. Mention savings or palatable pricing.

     A tightly-written example of the last three points would be:

End clogged cleats cheaply.

  1. Marry a feature to a benefit.

  2. Reinforce deadline urgency.

     An example of the last two points would be:

Get the enhanced software version by ordering before June 1.

  1. Marry a deadline and a premium.


Order by May 25 and get matching luggage tags FREE.

  1. Bold face benefits and italicize action verbs.

  2. Indicate that the inset or blow-up or call-out is only "X% of actual size".

  3. Link call-outs together for greater emphasis on selling points.

  4. Use an "overline", a mini-headline tying together the entire story of all the call-outs below.

  5. Use an "underline", another mini-head under the photo, suggesting that the reader reply.

  6. Avoid the temptation to use only features. Features bore. Benefits sell.

  7. Number your call-outs to force readership.

  8. Ask your art director to use color for the numbers.

Using these techniques leads to a cluttered impression, but if it's carefully-planned clutter, it'll help sell. Call-out copy, by its position of importance adjacent to illustrative matter, guides the reader right into your selling story.


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