Reprinted from The Catalog Marketer

How to Find Better Words for Sales Copy

by Rene Gnam

A major copy problem writers face is finding and using exciting words for products striking the copywriter as boring.

There's a simple solution: Put yourself in the reader's shoes.

Let�s say you're selling pipe-fitting tools to plumbers. You don't find anything exciting about such tools. Plumbers do.

Ask yourself these questions about each tool, pretending you are a plumber:

  1. Which problems will the tool solve?

  2. How will it cut my workload?

  3. Does it fit in my tool kit?

  4. Can I make more money with it?

  5. Does it make work smoother?

  6. Can it be used in combination with my other tools?

  7. Which accessories does it have?

  8. How will they make my life easier?

  9. What can I do with the extra time I'll have due to the new tool's performance.

Your answers to these questions form a checklist of benefits the plumber will find exciting. Just write your copy to address those benefits and you'll automatically be using more exciting words.

Another stimulation method is to spend a day with the plumber on his typical jobs. Learn a bit about his field so your copy can address  -- and solve -- his problems.

If you can identify with the plumber's daily challenges and frustrations, your copy will convince him that you know what you're writing about.


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