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How Direct Mail is a Good Friend

for Your Sales Force

by Rene Gnam

EDITOR�S NOTE: Rene Gnam is an international direct response consultant who has guided sales lead programs for hundreds of companies. Via his public and PBS-videotape seminars, he has trained several thousand admarketing and sales executives on the effective use of publication ads and mailings.

Yes, competitive marketing and salesmanship make it difficult to succeed in business, but we can make your life easier with this summary of the 14 main reasons why your company can capitalize on effective direct mail to back up your sales force:

  1. Direct mail reinforces your company's position with current customers.

  2. Direct mail stimulates prospective customers to do business with your company.

  3. Direct mail educates your company prospects and customers.

  4. Direct mail perpetuates your image as a solid company.

  5. Direct mail reminds prospects and customers when the salesperson cannot be there.

  6. Direct mail repeats messages from the salesperson, giving added ordering incentive.

  7. Direct mail reaches several influencers and key decision-makers within each target company.

  8. Direct mail extends your reach to large and small targets.

  9. Direct mail travels distances, reaching executives at target companies...far away from your sales office.

  10. Direct mail produces qualified leads for your company's salespeople.

  11. Direct mail reduces time your salespeople would waste on fruitless sales calls.

  12. Direct mail makes more sales calls for busy salespeople.

  13. Direct mail alerts planners to consider your company when they contemplate or design a new product.

  14. Direct mail maximizes sales effectiveness by providing a constant stream of supportive, explanatory information.

While those 14 points are why direct mail marketing should be regarded as one of the best friends a salesperson ever has, it�s also true that the direct mail has to be created to attract attention and motivate a prospect to respond by citing benefits to that prospect, rather than merely expressing the marketing point of view of the mailer.


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